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Montana Notary Requirements and Information

Montana Notary Commission Qualifications
Notary applicants must:
• be at least 18 years old;
• be a citizen or permanent legal resident of the United States;
• be a resident of Montana OR (1) be the spouse or legal dependent of military personnel assigned to active duty in this state; (2) maintain a place of business in the state of Montana that is registered pursuant to Title 35 and meet any applicable business licensing requirements of the local government where the business is located; (3) be regularly employed at an office, business, or facility located within the state of Montana by an employer registered and licensed to do business in this state; or (4) hold a current professional license to practice the profession in Montana issued by an appropriate Montana authority;
• be able to read and write English.

How to Apply to Become a Montana Notary
See detailed information including applicable fees, on the website of the Montana Secretary of State:

Appointing Officer
Secretary of State.

Term of Office
4 year term.

Notary Education and/or Exam Requirement
• Education and exam required, new and renewing Notaries.
• Education and exam required, Electronic Notaries and Remote Online Notaries.

Notary Bond Requirement
$25,000 Bond Required (4-year term).

Notary Recordbook (Journal) Requirement
Recordbook (journal) required, traditional and technology-based notarial acts. One or more journals at a time allowed; may be permanently bound paper journals and/or permanent, tamper-evident electronic journals. If a notarial act is performed utilizing audio/video technology as authorized by statute, the Notary must electronically record the entire communication and keep a copy of the recording.

Notary Seal Requirement
• Ink stamp required, paper notarial acts. Blue or black ink specified. Official stamp requirements prescribed in administrative rules.
• Electronic official stamp required/specified, electronic notarial acts. Must have the same appearance as the ink-stamp image on a paper record.

Authorized Duties
Includes but is not limited to
• taking acknowledgments;
• administering oaths and affirmations;
• taking verifications upon oath or affirmation (jurats);
• witnessing or attesting signatures (individual and representative capacity);
• certifying or attesting copies of tangible or electronic records (including certifying that a tangible copy of an electronic record is an accurate copy of the electronic record);
• making or noting a protest;
• certifying transcripts of depositions or affidavits;
• performing certifications of a fact or event (includes certifying a photograph and certification of life);
• solemnizing marriages.
• A Montana Online Notary may notarize for a remotely located individual, using communication technology and subject to requirements and limitations in statutes and any administrative rules.

Change of Name, Address or Eligibility Status
See detailed information on the website of the Montana Secretary of State:

Contact Information for the State of Montana

State of Montana Notary Website

State of Montana Notary Handbook

State of Montana Online Notary Search

Phone Number
(406) 444-1877

Mailing Address
Montana Secretary of State
Certifications and Notary Services
P.O. Box 202801
Helena, MT 59620-2801

Apostille Certification Information

Further Information

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